8 – Creativity from the insect world

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Creative ideas can come from anywhere,  including the world of insects.  What do fireflies have to teach us about being more creative and communicating better? Just listen! Peter Lloyd at GoCreate.com contributed to this episode with this Right Brain Workout.

This is a long overdue episode of Creative License, which has been on something of a hiatus for the summer and fall — Dave is currently working on launching a new media network, which is taken some time away from “regular” podcasting.   You’ll be hearing more about his latest venture in the next couple of weeks.  For now, check out http://www.rvnewsnet.com for some preliminary information.

Music for this episode was provided by Music Alley.com.

Thanks to Dylan, Demarée, and Paige Dufour, along with Peter Lloyd at GoCreate.com


Tarantino, Passion and Creativity

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Creativity Central has a great article on how passion for something fuels creativity.  Tarantino is an especially current example, but look at the creative geniuses of history.  Are there any here who didn’t have a burning passion for what they were doing? For example:

  • Picasso
  • Mozart
  • Beethoven
  • Pollock
  • etc.?

And aren’t periods of low productivity the same as those where passion is low?  I’m thinking of John Lennon in particular.  He had a creative spurt after the end of the Beatles, but then, for most of the latter half of the ’7os, he did nothing, but passion returned around 1980 when he produced two more wonderful albums before his untimely death.

A friend of mine, podcaster Cliff Ravenscraft, talks about “finding your passion” because that’s the way to happiness and success.  Sometimes your passion finds you, but whatever — get together with your passion — invite your passion over for dinner and into your life — whether it’s painting, composing music, marketing, baseball or waste management.  You’ll be more creative because you WANT to be.


Peter Lloyd stole our name!

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Well, not really.  But he DID write a great article at Idea Connection discussing the concept of “creative license” and why it’s a license to experiment but not a license to do shoddy work.  He was even nice enough to mention our podcast!

Check out this fascinating piece (and many others) here.

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7 – Nitpicking

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Nitpicking can be a major creativity killer in any organization, besides being incredibly annoying.  In this Right Brain Workout, Dave discusses the psychology of the nitpicker, how pickin’ gets in the way of innovation and how avoiding the urge to pick makes for better learning and better ideas.

Music for this episode comes from Music Alley.

Thanks to Demarée Dufour-Noneman, Paige Dufour and Peter Lloyd of gocreate.com.

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6 – What box and how do I think outside of it?

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Creative License Episode #6
We’ve all heard that overused phrase, “thinking outside the box,” and we have a vague idea that it means creative problem solving that doesn’t follow the same old paths. But, uh, what IS this box, and how do you think outside it? And why?

It really goes back to some basic understandings of how our brains work. Dave talks about pros and cons of stereotyping, lateral thinking and demonstrates how “brute force” can help us break our usual thought patterns.

Basics of “brute force” to help us think outside the box:

  1. Think of a random object, animal, concept, etc.  In the podcast we use “our favorite animal.”
  2. List some attributes of the object — fuzzy, brown, hard, soft, angry, smelly, etc.
  3. For each of these attributes, FORCE yourself to make a connection to the creative challenge at hand.   How could fuzziness, or smelliness apply to the challenge.

That’s basically all there is to it.  With a little practice, you’ll get proficient at using seemingly unrelated ideas to gain insight into any challenge.

Thanks to Peter Lloyd at gocreate.com and Demarée Dufour-Noneman for contributions to this episode.

Music provided by MusicAlley.com, Jamendo and Indiana University.

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