Creative License Episode #6
We’ve all heard that overused phrase, “thinking outside the box,” and we have a vague idea that it means creative problem solving that doesn’t follow the same old paths. But, uh, what IS this box, and how do you think outside it? And why?

It really goes back to some basic understandings of how our brains work. Dave talks about pros and cons of stereotyping, lateral thinking and demonstrates how “brute force” can help us break our usual thought patterns.

Basics of “brute force” to help us think outside the box:

  1. Think of a random object, animal, concept, etc.  In the podcast we use “our favorite animal.”
  2. List some attributes of the object — fuzzy, brown, hard, soft, angry, smelly, etc.
  3. For each of these attributes, FORCE yourself to make a connection to the creative challenge at hand.   How could fuzziness, or smelliness apply to the challenge.

That’s basically all there is to it.  With a little practice, you’ll get proficient at using seemingly unrelated ideas to gain insight into any challenge.

Thanks to Peter Lloyd at and Demarée Dufour-Noneman for contributions to this episode.

Music provided by, Jamendo and Indiana University.